1. Stress Management and Anxiety Disorders
2. Sinusitis and Allergic Diseases
3. Hormonal Imbalance Disorders- PCOD, Weight gain and Infertility
4. Prenatal and Postnatal yogic therapy
5. Pelvic Rehabilitation therapy

Stress Management and Anxiety Disorders

In modern life stress as become part of our life which is taking away our inner peace and decreasing our work ability. Yoga exercises in the form of Pranayama and Meditation along with asanas help in decreasing the stress and elevates brain power and concentration

Many of us suffer from fear and Anxiety Disorders which leads to Depression and altered personality. We at Sohamyogalaya help you to achieve inner peace and live a stress free life.

Sinusitis and Allergic Diseases

In and out we are exposed to many pollutants which eventually leads to allergies, sinusitis and breathing difficulties

Pranayams are very effective in clearing this diseses by cleansing your airways

Hormonal Imbalance Disorders- PCOD, Weight Gain and Infertility

80% of infertility in woman is mainly from PCOD – Polycystic Ovarian Disease characterized by Infertility Obesity excesive hair on the body. This disease is effectively treated by extensive yoga exercises like Vajra asana and lower abdominal exercises

Prenatal and Postnatal Yogic Therapy

What is Prenatal and Postnatal – during Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy

Why Prenatal exercises ?
1. They prevent Hypertension and Diabetes during Pregnancy
2. They cause relaxation of the Pelvic ligaments which helps in normal and easy delivery of the baby.
3. Which prevents excusive weight gain during Pregnancy

Why Postnatal ?
1. Helps in involution of uterus ( it takes the uterus to normal size)
2. Helps in reducing the weight which was gained during pregnancy
3. Prevents Postnatal blues and Depression

Pelvic / Post Menopausal Rehabilation
Pelvic Rehabilation

1. After delivery many woman experience Urinary Incontinence especially when they Cough or Sneeze. This problem can be overcomed by strengthening the Pelvic floor muscles. This is effectively done by yoga asanas.

Post Menopausal

1. Women inevitably experience physical and mental difficulties after menopause. We provide excellent treatment for this problem
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