Definition of Health

Health is a physical, mental & spiritual well being

What is yoga
Exact Meaning of Yoga - Union of the Body, Mind & Soul that leads to ONE NESS.

Yoga is a Physical, Mental & Spiritual Practice that originated in Ancient India. Yoga is “chittha, vritti, Nirodhah“ whichmeans Yoga Controls the Fluctuations of the Mind. Yoga is holistic discipline that integrates Body & Mind. It Creates perfect balance. Yoga is an Indian traditional practise and or rich Heritage.

Few years Ago it is unknown to the rest of the world. now it is wide spread and It became Popular in the Western Countries..

Variants of Yoga

1. Traditional Yoga
2. Iyyengar Yoga
3. Asthanga Yoga
4. Vinyasa Yoga
5. Hot and Cold Yoga
6. Hath Yoga
7. Arial, Acrobatic etc..

Yoga doesn’t translate as Exercise or Movement.

Physical Postures of Yoga are known as Asanas-Third Limb of Yoga which means seat

According to Pathanjali’s Yoga Sutras “ Sukham, Sthiram, Asanam meaning being Stable and joyful in the position we take.

Why we need Yoga?

We get the Experience of Yoga every time we move. perhaps not, Yet i would recommend every one to take up Yoga.

In this modern World, where most of our time is in spent in Driving, Sitting on Couches, Chairs, Computers, in front of Screens, It is important that we have some variety of Movements each day in our lives.

A good Yoga Class addresses stretching of both body and mind. It should free us from many of our physical limitations over a period of time. There is a lot of research on the Therapeutic applications of Yoga today.

Not every yoga is beneficial, extensive research should be done and proper understanding of their self, Both body and mind is required. For this we need an experienced well qualified trainer.

As it is easy to get lost in a myriad of different studios we at Sohamyogala help you to attain perfect balance of life.

"Prevention is better than Cure” Hold its value in regards to Yoga. But, Prevention doesn’t work like a magic Pill, what is required is effort and dedication.

Various Methods of Yoga:

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